Eyelash Extensions Odiham

Russian Volume extensions are fine lashes applied to each natural lash. The lashes are light in weight and they are made into delicate fans and applied to isolated natural lashes. Each fan is handmade during the appointment. Volume lashes provide a dense fullness & darkness to the eye area, again enhancing curl & length. Eyelash Extensions Odiham

Eyelash extensions grow and shed with your natural eyelashes. On average we loose 2-5 natural lashes a day through the normal shedding process so 2-3 weeks after your full set you will need an infill. At your infill appointment I remove extensions that have grown up your natural lash, and replace them with fresh extensions.

At Eyelash Extensions Odiham, we’re generous on lashes – we apply lots, even for a natural look. Lots of lashes means a fuller, longer lasting look – the individual lash thickness, length and curl and material can be tailored to suit you. We customize our lash extensions to suit the wearer.

Designed to provide as much volume as possible, but in a way that does not overload or damage the natural lashes, this new technique promising the most stunning results. Volume 3D eyelashes are superfine and incredibly light, meaning that 2-6 lashes can be applied per natural lash to create volume on any type of eyelash. They last longer than classic eyelash extensions due to their light weight and the amount applied. Only the most experienced eyelash technicians at will be offering this service.

At Hook Eyelashes we specialise in quality eyelash extensions and aspire to deliver a service that will not be surpassed. Eyelash Extensions Odiham

Beautiful individual and Russian volume lashes designed to suit your lifestyle

5D Russian Volume Lashes