Before & Aftercare

Before your appointment

Arrive to your appointment with no eye makeup for a prompt start and to save time spent cleaning dirty lashes prior to starting. Your appointment can be reduced spending time cleaning lashes

Bring glasses as contact lenses will need to be removed due to your eyes being closed for a long period of time


Keep your lashes away from water for at least 24 hours. The glue dries within seconds but it is still going through changes up to 24 hours after your appointment

Cannot stress enough about keeping your lashes clean! Use a eyelash cleanser (you can purchase at Hook Eyelashes) or a mix of baby shampoo and water.

Do not use mascara or liquid eyeliner. The oils in the products will break down the glue bond and it is hard to remove thes products often so a clumpy lash style is achieved! This can lead to premature damage of the lashes also.

Brush your lashes regularly

Do not pick or pull the lashes

Be careful with moisturisers, sun creams and face creams

Sunbeds – Please leave 24 – 48 hours before using a sunbed. Remember to clean them properly with a lash cleanser after using a sunbed. Use googles whilst on the sunbed. Please remember excess usage can have an affect on lash retention.