Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing (semi permananent makeup) using a manual tool to create natural strokes or mimic hair strokes in the brow.

The treatment is carried out using a hand held tool which comprises of very small tiny needles which implant pigment into the surface layer of the skin to create natural looking hair strokes.

The procedure is carried out using high quality sterile and disposable tools. Special pigments are used to colour match to the own natural eyebrow colour.

Microblading can help fill in brows to create fullness or create brows where hair has been lost completely. A natural result is achieved leaving the brow area totally transformed.


Phi Brow pigments are of the highest quality. They contain no metal and are synthetic. The range of colours available will always be colour matched to your eyebrow shade. They heal well with no pink, purple or green tones later down the line.

The shape of your brows is calculated using the Phi Golden ration (1.618) each microbladed hair stroke flows with the direction of your natural hair. The shape given is bespoke to your facial features and colour to your natural tones.

Phi Brows has a very strict education policy and eleven levels to pass before qualifying. My training comes from the highest standard and guidelines in order for me to perform the treatment to the highest level.

Any discomfort felt during treatment is on a individual basis. Any discomfort felt is very short term and intermittent.

Microblading is a two part process. A topup is 6-8 weeks following your first treatment.

Some skin types hold strokes longer than others. On normal skin on average the microblading will last 12-18 months. Very oily skin or dry skin, microblading may only last around 6-9 months.

Full aftercare and instructions are provided.




Treatment takes up to 3 hours. It is a luxury treatment that cannot be rushed.

A consultation and patch test is required. £50 deposit is required to secure the appointment and deducted from the price of your brows.

PhiBrows Microblading including 6-8 week topup, £250

** January Special offer currently £149**

Colour Refresh

1-3 Months, £50.00

3-6 Months, £70.00

6-12 Months, £100

12 – 18 Months, £150.00