Tattoo Removal

Brow Tattoo RemovalPOA 

This simple and safe method is used for the removal of micropigmentation pigment to lighten alter previous brow work. If for instance you have had a change of heart about how it looks, the shape is not right or the procedure was not carried out to your liking. The main ingredient of this removal is salt when mixed with saline it causes the pigment to be flushed out.

This method can work to lighten the brows enough in order to carry out a new brow treatment.

The treatment can be a journey and several sessions maybe required and can vary from person to person. Many factors can be the tattoo condition, ink/pigment type, implantation method, depth and the density of the ink and the client’s skin type and lifestyle.

A full consultation is required. This will include looking at a clients medical history, patch testing and the clients requirements and expectations to determine the best treatment solution.

Images here are after one or two sessions. It can vary as to how many for each client and this cannot always be predicted.